Guise to Hunt (Micro-Horror Fiction)


The villagers know he is doing all these nuisances. The fact they are unaware of is that he is taking a different guise each time. So, when they are cursing him he is in front of them but they cannot see him.

He wakes up. The summer noon sun is high in the sky. It pierces his scale. He straightened his back to shake off the drowsiness. Last seven days he didn’t have the blood. He is not starving, but, the farm hens, cows, lambs quenching his quench of thirst not quench of hunger. He looks around and sees a figure coming forward to his abode. He recognizes the figure as it comes little closer. He hisses–after a week he’ll have his blood. He closes his eyes and remembers a face–his disguise for this hunt.

Rima look around. The afternoon is in its mid. Today she’ve to know how long this hide and seek will be continue for. A rustling sound startles her. She looks around and found he is coming down the Gulmohar tree. 

122nd Flashing Fiction for Aspiring Writers–4th July 2017

PC Kecia Spartin

Featured Image procured from Fine Art America

15 responses to “Guise to Hunt (Micro-Horror Fiction)”

  1. Ahh! Scary, goose bumps!! Was she saved by some supernatural angel force ?


  2. This is a very well written story. It lends itself to much more, too.
    The Lesson
    Annie at ~McGuffy’s Reader~

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes…thanks for stopping by…


  3. At first i thought its about a vampire.
    Is there a 2nd part too ??


    1. Never give a thought to that…


      1. Ager badme soch lia to jarur post karna . I will be first to read 😊


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