Kuch Subahwali Baatein…[Hindi#3]

Woh subah bhi kuch aisi thi

Dhundla sa asman aur bheegisi hawa.

Akhribar gaya tha main tere sahar mein

Jo basi mere sahar se kuch hi dur mein…


Few words popped up in Hindi. May extend later.


21 responses to “Kuch Subahwali Baatein…[Hindi#3]”

  1. Waah Waah kya farmaya hai ghalib. aur extend karo. Feeling incomplete..

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    1. Koshish karunga Hindi mein…Nahi to English or Bengali mein…

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  2. Do extend…it’s simply awesome 👌🏻


    1. Korle bangla ba englishe korbo…

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  3. Waah waah 👍


  4. Bahut khoob likha Hai, Sangbad 👍


    1. 😊 shukria Ma’am…


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