On the Quill

I’ll kiss the quill on the back beside the strap

Before I free your dark ebony hair

And turn you around to kiss your lips.

I will keep my mouth on the quill 

As I undress you slowly.

No, don’t worry when I’ll love you–

I’ll be in front of you; enveloping you–

Letting you moan inside my mouth–

(Letting you) Pull to you by my waist…

My breath of ectasy will fall on the quill;

You’ll have my fingers on you any where you prefer…you choose…



16 responses to “On the Quill”

  1. only a man who knows how to love a woman’s body starts with the gentlest touch as this Sangbad, you know how to arouse with words that makes me tremble to read, the well rehearsed movements, a dance only a good lover knows how to guide his partner. this is one of your finer pieces, because of the raw emotion you want to show yet restrain a little from showing us your true strength.

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    1. Aww…LoveDust tremble by my words…my pleasure I will say…It is sort of mixing memory with imagination…

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      1. you blended it so well! yes i did tremble – told you , you remind me of Pablo Neruda, strong , passionate and bold in his writing.


        1. Few days back read a collection of him…yes I agree with that…

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  2. 👌🏻👌🏻 wow wow


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