9th July/ Susurration of Our Lifes

Silence you chimed with wedding hymns

Silence I infused with the cling of the whiskey glass.

The night follows days, days follow by afternoons

The weeks formed months, months forms memories.

Scribble after scribbles, poem after poems.

Life is now what we dreamt of, what we wished for.

You now a new mummy, child of your husband & yours

And I living life falling in love, proposing and rejection.

Silence you waved with the wails and laughter

Silence I waved with susurration of cigarettes.

June 2017



12 thoughts on “9th July/ Susurration of Our Lifes”

  1. How awfully sad the reality is! The girl has moved on, set up a family, built up a new life, while the boy is destroying himself for someone who probably doesn’t care.
    Such a beautiful portrayal. Lovely theme.


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