The Chime of Night [Micro-Fiction]

The prompt of 75th Week of Three Line Tales by Sonya suddenly made me remember a story by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay. The name of the story is “Madhu-Malati” and was written in 1957 (Bengali Year 1364). The premise of the story was the area around S.P. College (Sir Parashurambhau College) in Pune City, Maharastra State, India and the main premise is a bicycle rent shop at Tilak Road in the same city.

Tried to summarize the story in 3 lines and 125 words. 

Every day they used to rent a pair of cycles from the Bamanrao Cycle Mart and used to cycle towards Sinhagad or its neighborhood; They were madly in love though their families were not and that too from the Peshawar era.

One day they got caught, but, that doesn’t stop them from meeting; alas they got caught in no time again; on that fateful day, people say, when they were chased, after renting cycles from Bamanrao, they jumped into Khadakwasla Lake. 

At first, Madhukar used to knock, but, soon it stopped, as Bamanrao always kept ready a pair of cycles for them outside his store, after he has done for the day…after few minutes they return back…chime of the bell is the signal…

Three Line Tales # 75

PC Meghan Yabsley on Unsplash


13 responses to “The Chime of Night [Micro-Fiction]”

  1. Even as they are lost, they still can find one another. Lovely!


    1. Yes…for the full story wait for August…I’m working on translating the original one…

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      1. Ah! I knew there was more to it!! Fantastic — and congratulations on working through translations!

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        1. Will share the link once it is posted…

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