Mom: A Movie Review

The story we all know. Daughter got rape and her mother or loved one take the revenge or sometimes the girl herself. So, when the storyline is like this you, me, we all sit back and says it is not hall-worth…let it be Premier on the TV. Yeah, when I went to watch Mom I was thinking why I’m going to watch this movie. For Sridevi, whom I admire or just Saturday evening, nothing to do so let’s watch a movie. Even after I book the ticket I was at the state of why. And after three hours I was thinking while having a coffee was I thinking to give the movie a miss.

Yes, the main focal point of the movie lies in the execution of the story. Arya, an 18-year-old girl got raped on 14th February–the Valentine’s Day in a moving car. Her step-mother, a twist obviously, then took revenge for her. Now, in recent past, there had been a number of movies like this where the woman–main protagonist–taking revenge; she running behind the car, throwing some punch to her villains, a police officer–mostly boasting one or almost always on suspension period or weak one–is her aide. 

Mom stands out from all these facts again follow all these facts. The mother character name Devki Sabarwal played by Sridevi will be in remembrance for a long time. The struggle she enacts to come close to her step-daughter Arya who always rejecting her, then taking revenge for that daughter–the main focus was on her all through the movie, a flaw I think because other actors never get a chance to stand tall, but, you’ll never feel that because of the editing and the directorship.

The act she put on after learning her step-daughter Arya had been raped will make you stood up in shock; she enacted what any mother will do at that moment. Then when she was chasing one of the convicts you can see the anger of a mother who has lost belief in everything.

This chasing scene will play with anyone mind because you’ll scream go…kill the bastard…and at the same time you’ll smile and say now let’s enjoy the drama of chase and kill. But, snapped, it was a failure and like Devki you’ll realize this is not right.

Another scene I’ll like to mention is an anger scene and talking to one of the convicts. She has made many of us fall in her love with her laugh, smile; this film has all these, but, the anger scene you’ll be surprised to see Sridevi getting angry and talking in that heavy chilled tone–it’s a pleasant surprise. 

There are another a pair of scenes that make the movie different from all other. And those scenes are not melodramatic or overly-emotioned; they are so finely tuned that you’ll feel the anger, the helplessness of the parents.

Another thing that is most of the time portrayed in the revenge dramas is the convict(s) are highly influential–Papa is MP or the accused himself is influential. The convicts in this movie are the one you see around or read in the paper or hear in the news or see in the parties–a teenager, a security guard, a Page 3 guy and a hooligan. Besides this, the failure of the case shown in a realistic way; the proofs are bent or are weak enough like the documentation of the statement of the victim was done after 72 hours–a loophole in the judiciary system.

The main incident of the movie i.e. the rape scene had been shown in one of the most brutal and honest ways. The car is moving in deserted road captured in aerial view. The interior of the car was never shown in this duration, after Arya was thrown in and Jagan punched her to silences her, except once when the full moon was shown through the window of the moving car. The brutal truth touched a crescendo when she was thrown out and kicked may be by Jagan in the drain and water with garbages flow over her keeping her battered face above the water. 

Arya played by Sajal Ali is a finest act. Her confrontation with her step-mother addressing her “Ma’am…” and while in hospital rejecting her assistance, she has put on the troubled teenage in a relatable manner. Husband of Devki and father of Arya, Anand played by Adnan Siddiqui another stellar performance. The anger of a father is what you can feel it when you see him punching one of the convicts after he was free from the acquisition. You can also see his fatherly affection when Arya noted he’s looking handsome and he smiled and ask what she want or when he tried to console her after the incident. Another member of the Sabarwal family was the little girl who also acted beautifully.

In revenge drama, the police officer needed and this time it is played by Akshaye Khanna as Inspector Mathew Francis. The character is not like what can be seen in this sort of movie. He’s just a normal guy who’s doing his job using wit and cleverness. His character even doesn’t have a punchline or something uniqueness that will make him stand out anyhow.

Out of the four convicts, it is Jagan played by Abhimanyu Singh stands out. He’s the main antagonist. This actor has something in his execution through his body language. He shall be cast more as the antagonist because in Bollywood there’s no such actor currently except one who can act as a villain with calmness in his eyes. 

Now the except one. He is Nawazuddin Siddiqui as Daya Shankar Kapoor aka DK. He has surpassed all his best acts including The Lunchbox and Raman Raghav 2.0 in this movie. Passing lewd comment on modern art, singing off the note and always saying Bholenaath will take care of everything–all he has done with more than perfection. He had become a different person by appearance and by behavior. Last time he had surprised me was in Kick. 

Another USP of the movie is the first appearance of all the main characters. They appeared like you just see them while dropping your child to school or walking into a pub or police station.

The background score and the music department helmed by A.R. Rahaman. After a time, he is back. The background score during the car scene he had composed like buzzer was one of the best background score ever written for a scene in recent times. The songs seem to be average, actually, another thing that was kept in control. 

The directorial debut of Ravi Udyawar is thus a stand out in many aspects if compared to recent movies on the topic. Being an ad filmmaker, he has shown his skill not only to treat a scene–keeping it concise and to the point but also keeping the extra spices that are infused to make a revenge drama a spicy delightful one out of the scenes. His directorial debut will be remembered in coming years, I think, and this year it may bag many awards if the juries act without bias. 

If anyone has seen the movie or thinking to do so and want to share thoughts or comments feel free to fill up the Comment and submit. Besides this, feel free to let me know how my review was.

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