Pyaas/Thirst [Bilingual]

Wrote after my last poem “A Monsoon Wedding Dance” receives lukewarm response…


roohk pyaas baris bujha na sake…

chaar alfaz bayan na kar sake

bezubaan, ankaheen batein

jo is tanhayi main chupa hai…


rain can’t quench the thirst of the soul…

the words cannot speak out

the unsaids, the unspokens

hidden in this melancholy…

16 responses to “Pyaas/Thirst [Bilingual]”

  1. Waah waah!
    Zabardast Alfaaz likhe ae! 💯👍


  2. It was very teaching line


  3. It is just fabulous 👌👌

    Liked by 1 person

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