Autumn is Far

Night sky not lightened by moon

By the stars of a constellation.

I’m lying under it,

Hands under head,

(And) a cigarette on mouth…

Nothing to hold on,

Nothing to think on…

A planet is shining bright

How old is it light?

I feel a restlessness;

I felt the silence 

After a storm hurled…

At same time, 

In unison,

I feel gagged, 

But, death will not come

So easy, so quick 

At this time…

The autumn is far

I’ve to tell more few stories

I’ve to speak more verses

Before that serene dawn…



Author: Sangbad

A published poet. Avid Reader. Favorite authors (few) are Satyajit Ray, Saradindu Bandyopadhyay, Bankim Ch. Chatterjee, Jhumpa Lahiri, O. Henry, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, etc. Music lovers. Love to hear Rabrinda Sangeet, Anjan Dutt, Enrique Iglesias, Mozart & Beethoven (though can't say which is who's symphony). Dislike to get clicked. Love to be self (introvert).

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