Interview with Sangbad Mitra: Writer, Poet, and Go Dog Go Barista #amwriting #interview #nonfiction

An Interview by Mandybelle…

Go Dog Go Café

Welcome to a new interview, this week I’minterviewing Sangbad Mitra a writer, blogger, and baristaat theGo Do Go Cafe, where hisinterview will be simultaneously featured on my blog:Mandibelle16.For now, let’sget on with an interview with Sangbad Mitraand his blog:Thoughts of Words: Let the Words Get Freedom and Thoughts A Stage

Sangbad Mitra
Credit: Sangbad Mitra

1. Sangbad, Please Tell Us About Yourself?

I’m Sangbad Mitra from India. I live in Kolkata, West Bengal which is also known as the Cultural Capital.My blog name isThoughts of Words. Kolkata is one of the major Indian cities. I live in the south of the city which is popularly known as ‘South Calcutta’ or ‘Kolkata’—however, you take the name of a country. There are malls and colleges in this portion. There is also a bypass in front of my home and there…

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