Fortnight Friday Fables #2: 07/20/2017

I had thought to present you all with the wrap-up of the last month and a new challenge. But, as I had said seeing the lukewarm response to Shee’s challenge, I’m repeating the challenge. Come, let’s have fun. Waiting eagerly to read your responses and to reblog them. 

P.S. Regarding the wrap-up. I’ll post it next month along with the responses of this month challenge. 


The prompt for the challenge was inspired by  Pecked to Death by Chickens. Here are the challenges she had given to everyone. 

1.Being hit on – I am sure many of you will have stories to tell and confessions to make, a humorous incident to quote that will make us fall from our seats laughing. Bring it on! Share a story or incident or a hilarious conversation and link to this post. You can even include screenshots but it is recommended to quote the conversation instead.


2. What would be on the mix tape of your life?  Embarrassing boy band confessions? One Hit Wonders?  Show Tunes? Bring it! Let’s not do it the Hannah Baker way. 😀

For detailed guidelines about this challenge refer to the introductory post HERE

  • Words should be less than 200.
  • Provide picture credits to the respective person.
  • Create a pingback to her or mine bi-weekly prompt post.
  • Tag your posts with fridayfables for other participants to find you in their reader.
  • Comment on other entries too. Follow the tag to receive posts in your reader.
  • Invite your friends to participate. The more, the merrier.


26 responses to “Fortnight Friday Fables #2: 07/20/2017”

  1. What a cool challenge! Love your blog x
    Abby –


    1. Thanks for stopping by…keep visiting…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Sangbad, could you elaborate on the second task please, bit confused about the requirements.


    1. Something you think of an event after a certain age which you think now sort of not-to-tell…and it should be in light fun way…

      Liked by 1 person

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