Friday Fortnight Fables #1 Cupid’s way

Another beautiful entry from a new friend of mine…this time a love one…come on friends…waiting for your responses…



“we danced in the rain”

It was one of those days when me and my husband used to wait for each other for hours on a common metro station, Kashmiri Gate, while returning from our respective offices. It was raining heavily and delay of metros was killing us after a long day of work. After our chaotic ride we reached our destination, while he was looking for auto hiding under his bag and turned around to call me, he shrugged his shoulders and a smile came across his face when saw me drenching in rain.

Asked me, “so what’s the plan?”, as he recognized the mischief in my eyes and my lips pressed hiding a smile.

“Let’s walk”, as I said this, he hugged me and confessed, “that’s why I love you, loosing myself in your madness makes me want to live more.”

So, we walked in knee…

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