Why, I Look For You… [American Sentence]

Daily Prompt: Lust

long time…sometimes search the reason…her smile, scent of her or her abhimaan…

There’s no proper word to define abhimaan. The closest English is pride which is not justifying the word. It is actually the act of false anger by a young lady or woman for her beloved or lover.

7 responses to “Why, I Look For You… [American Sentence]”

  1. one knows its truelove
    when lust come from ones heart
    not ones head

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  2. Nice, gripping, but had a thought, don’t you think lust stays only on the outer surface. it can never penetrate through the outer shell of ones body and reach the heart.
    read this

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    1. Yes and no…actually I think love & lust goes together…they complete each other…

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      1. But only when they go together. I think.


        1. Yes…when they go together…

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    1. ☺ sometimes this happen

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