A Call Not Text…



If you’re not losing friend(s), you’re not growing up.

I had read this line a few days ago. Yes, as we grow we lose out the friend as we lose out fat to be fit in. The friend who we talk to, cursed and share all the confession now may not be with us.


As our elders say nowadays we are running fast and thus leaving out many selfishly. But, the matter of joke is it is not in our time but also in their time it had happened.

Yes, losing the friend is an ongoing process moving in a circle through the ages.

We all know the story of Sudama and Krishna, we all know the story of Drona and Drupad. In the former, there was no calamity but in the latter there was. They reflect still our life. There are friends whom we have lost contact with the flow of life and then, I’ll not say forget, but, remain somewhere in the corner of the heart. In the case of Sudama, Krishna recognizes him and treated him well but in the case of Drona, Drupad refused to recognize his friend for being a hermit and denied his promises of helping him out of problems whenever he’ll face it.


In our life, we often face this issue of to be or not to be.

Sometimes we to maintain our ego, many of the times, we restraint self to call up a friend and ask what’s keeping you busy these days. Sometimes, we just think what will he or she think if I call him or her after a long time. There’s another thing rather thought we immerse ourselves and that is excuses–I’ll call later ’cause I’m right now busy or it is late lets it happen tomorrow.


Yes, in time, our life changes a lot; we’ll not talk like we used to in older days or in our golden hey-days but, we can talk.

Just a call can do it.


The time we’re turning to manhood or womanhood is easy socially connected era. There’s Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram, etcetera etcetera. But, nothing can compare to a call.

So, not today but tomorrow or day after tomorrow or soon you can call your friend up and ask do you remember me. 





19 responses to “A Call Not Text…”

  1. You’re so right, a call is better than a text! But to me, personal visits are still the best. But who has the time to keep up with many friends? I see myself struggling with this now and actually wrote about the same topic as well!


    1. Will like to read it…share the link…and thank you for stopping by…

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  2. Very nice thoughts…thank you for sharing


    1. Thanks for stopping by…


  3. Ekdom sotti kotha👍

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  4. Good read!!
    I am lucky I have friends who have stayed with me till now, though have also lost many.

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    1. Same goes with me…

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