Daily Prompt: Non-Spicy

The monsoon breeze is calm

The sleep is yet to come.

The moon is bright

E’thing silver light.

A Bengali childhood rhyme

Taking me back to lost time.

The one on a wedding

(Where)Elephant & horse dancing.

What a sight I can’t say

All I gather is royal & gay.

Like Stevenson

I want to write tonight poem one.

Another poem I relish

I recollect; a moment to cherish.

Oh moon…my dear moon

Tonight I’m Timothy Boon

(And the memories my balloons).

3 responses to “Moondust”

  1. Lovely choice of words..was in search of btful rhymes in wordpress..gladfully got u………this is my blog..i too write rhyming poems..plz visit n give ur reviews n commemts

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for stopping by… will soon visit yours


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