Daily Prompt: Delivery

The mouth still taste chocolate

The wrapper you crumbling

In your tender round palm.

The eyes of yours looking

At me as I vice versa.

We both are out of

Cloth–spread like

Cards from a




Me. Drag me

To you. Erase this

Bay. Let me be your

Slave. Say my priestess

What can I do to please you.

And have my freedom delivering

You. Say my priestess don’t

Keep on looking at me

With those hungry

Eyes of yours. I

Beg to you.



11 responses to “Chocolat”

  1. I loved the pattern in which story has been displayed.


  2. Nice to read eroitic from your pen. Mind checking the spelling of Chocolate in your title, please? Must be human mistake of corse!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes after a while written one…if you want to read few more they are at Erotic section under Verselet section…regarding spelling it is in French…


        1. No prob…I came to know this by watching a movie of same name…Juliette Binoche & Johnny Depp in lead with Judy Dench & Alfred Molina in support…


    2. Thanks for asking…


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