Chocolat II: Summon & Plea


Sequel to Chocolat

The drop of chocolate on your cupid bow is enchanting as if dew has dropped on grass–

In an autumn morning and the sun glistening on it…

But, I’ll not make the move unless you order me my priestess; please recite the words

To be close to you, to coagulate me with you.

I can’t hold myself; I want to make you mine; But, I’ll not. I’ll not. I’m your slave to-noon.

Please, stop looking at me like this–

As if the flake of fire calling a moth to get into it; to be destroyed completely. Hold me.

Drag me to you. I’ll do what you want me to do.

Daily Prompt: Recite


4 responses to “Chocolat II: Summon & Plea”

  1. Hi nice.. Long time. No see


    1. Yup…writing less these days…☺


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