Rhyme of Rhyme

Inhabit thoughts have thoughts

Streaming through maze of soul

Reflection of the mind it reflects.

Words call words to word poem

Poem calls poem to be poemed.

11 responses to “Rhyme of Rhyme”

  1. It is just lovely.
    Writing with austerity yet powerful.


    1. Oh really…thank you…yeah maybe the poet block is the reason…


      1. 😃
        You are welcome Sangbad.

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  2. Therefore dear sir, love your solitude…and try to sing out with the pain it causes you..there is a wilderness when we walk alone.. however well companioned


    1. Thanks…yes my writings deal with this solitary & all mostly…

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  3. The last two line😍
    Teach me to write poems Mr.Sangbad…

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    1. It is an honor…we poet teach each other…☺

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      1. Can I have you email ID? 😇


        1. sangbadmitra@outlook


          1. Why is this showing invalid?


            1. sangbadmitra@outlook.com

              Missed the last part…you can send a mail through Contact page if you face issue…


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