Wednesday Blues & A Pair of Shoes

(Last day) Rain was there from haze to torrential.

(Last day) Roads were there from asphalt to muddy dugged ones.

(Past years)Floors were of shiny tiles to rugged station platform.

It has been mended, it has been repaired–

Few a time in this two & a half year.

As of now it basks in the young morn sun with wet sole

And mud caked heels; I can feel its tiredness.

How many paths we’ve walked togerher…

How many paths we’ve to walk foot in foot…

For dVerse


31 responses to “Wednesday Blues & A Pair of Shoes”

  1. The photo is a poem all its own!


    1. Thank you…taken this pic a time ago for another poem…


  2. Love the beginning quote – when I grew up their were a number of shoe repair businesses – it seems they are more disposable these days..


  3. Who knew shoes could be friends. You taught us that. Great work!


    1. 😊there are few more shoes poem…being working from cell phone thats why couldn’t share them…but if you want you can visit the dVerse page…

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      1. i will. What is dVerse BTW. Sorry if I seem a bit obtuse asking that question

        Liked by 1 person

        1. No no its ok…dVerse is a sort of Pub where few blogger runs prompt daily or weekly…

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          1. Ohhhh… So it’s different from WP?


            1. No…it is a multi-member blog here in WP…


            2. Oh nice…. I’ll check it out. Thanks 😊


  4. Excellent Sangbad 👏👏👏
    Creativity emanating in your poetry is just fabulous.

    Liked by 1 person

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