Red, Yellow, Black

After a long time written a Tanka.

enamored in dew

rose got plucked one autumn morn.

dried, lost smell. memory

capturer. diary page yel–

low enamour by black rose.

18 responses to “Red, Yellow, Black”

  1. Nice and cute Haiku with an apt picture.

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    1. Not Haiku…Tanka…☺


  2. Words truly roll in different way and fabulously written!!

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  3. This is stunning.
    Loved this Tanka.


  4. I like breaking the word ‘yellow’ in two lines. You may convert it into a freeform Tanka with all the words in one line.


    1. Actually it is a sort of technique I use sometimes to keep the structure intact…in past had used it in Haiku…thanks for your suggestion…

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        1. I have checked this…maybe I will post one…

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