A Salute to the Teacher [A Poem by a 16 year old Poet]

13 years on this day I had written my first poem for my dear Sir. So, am sharing that. Let me know your comment.

Today in this holy eve

I salute the great teacher of the world

You are not only our teacher

But our Father, pal and many more.

I don’t know what others think;

To me you are the greatest pal I ever had,

You are the greatest philosopher,

Is there anyone ask me “who is greatest teacher?”

I will not take the name of Socrates, Ramkrishna

But I will take your name as the greatest teacher;

Because of your wisdom, honesty;

You have not keep yourself and us

Within narrow bound of study; But

Exposed us to the outer world.

So I will thank my guardian & God

To have give me such a wonderful well Pal–

I ever had.

Sangbad Mitra


13 years, 11 diaries (1 lost), approx 1,000 poems, lots of incomplete works and soon-to-be published collection of poems…

22 responses to “A Salute to the Teacher [A Poem by a 16 year old Poet]”

  1. You have it in you to express gratitude…keep writing!

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  2. Such a treasure! Waiting for your publication..

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    1. Yup treasure…Thanks for the comment and sharing your thoughts…

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