Blank Darkness

Slowly softly night sipping in

My vein as if river passing in

Through a narrow throat of–

Mountain. The beats of heart

Throbbing, sign of me alive.

Night will get deepest in its own;

The cry of mother losing her–

Eldest son, the sobbing of sister

Losing her only brother will pass

Not unheard; silence will carry it.

And my poem will be pass on

As rambling, nothing new.

The beats of heart throbbing,

Sign of me living…

P.C. Dawid Planeta

42 responses to “Blank Darkness”

  1. words dont do justice to the depth of your feelings my dearest friend. across the miles you know exactly how I feel and write about it with such force and intensity. i thank you for your heart.


    1. Yes…2 deaths shook me up…these days my poem dealing with this death & existence…and not to mention…


      1. I am so sorry to hear that its affected you Sangbad. your ruminations touch many souls.

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        1. Don’t be sorry… I am thinking how much pain you two are going through…and that is much greater than mine


          1. that you even try to understand our sorrow makes you a beautiful human. a loving soul to reach out to us. I tell a lot of lies these days. I say I am ok when I am not. but what else can I say? I am just trying to get through one day at a time. having friends like you helps so much


            1. I know…and it’s my pleasure to be your friend… don’t be 😞😟 but be 😁🙂


    1. Thank you for stopping by

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