29…My First Book…


My first collection of poems 29 A Collection of Poems is available at Amazon now. Please check the link. Hope you’ll become part of my journey.

P.S. Will write a long post as soon as I recover from this ongoing author’s block.


51 responses to “29…My First Book…”

  1. Congratulations 👏🏻

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  2. Congratulations Sangbad!!
    Proud of you 😊

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    1. 😊 you was the first in WP with whom I had shared this e-book matter..

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      1. Lucky me
        Acha since you have already released your book, I want your opinion on one thing-
        My mom often says, we will get a book done for your poems but I decline the offer since even if it gets published, who will pay to read without proper marketing. How will people notice. It will just come and go. I want your viewpoint based on experience.
        All the best!!


        1. Okay will mail you…

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  3. Great! Keep writing.

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  4. That’s great yar.All the best 🙂
    Keep writing…I have always enjoyed reading yours 😀


    1. Thank you…my pleasure for this…


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