29…My First Book…


My first collection of poems 29 A Collection of Poems is available at Amazon now. Please check the link. Hope you’ll become part of my journey.

P.S. Will write a long post as soon as I recover from this ongoing author’s block.


51 responses to “29…My First Book…”

  1. Wow!!! Congratulations dear…
    Best wishes😃


  2. Great news…congrats😊😊…happy for you


    1. 😊 parle kine pore bolo…

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      1. Nischoi😊 kine pore janabo

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  3. I’m so happy and so proud of you!! I want to buy it but I got to Amazon and didn’t understand how much it cost because it’s in Indian money? lol I’m just so happy for you. I will send it to you to get it autographed


    1. Thanks Cheila for the support…I think I shall start practicing autograph then 😎what you say🤔

      P.S.if you want to buy it is $2.50 USD…

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      1. I’ll buy it with pleasure, my friend

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        1. Thanks will be not enough…thanks a lot though…leave a review at Amazon..and here also…thank you Cheila hope you will like the book

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          1. Of course I’ll review it and share it with all my readers so they can buy it and enjoy it


            1. Thank you so much…am at loss of words for gratitude…will wait for your review…

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  4. Congratulations! Pretty amazing, self publishing process and the accomllishment.

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