The Sparrow & A Fable

Free-translation of my Bengali Poem–মুখচোরা রূপকথা

Locking away the west verandah in the locker of almirah

It is colored in the shrouded evening grey.

The silent unsaids are careful again not

Gliding on the clothesline, grid of wires.

A lorn sparrow attempting bath in pot in the noon rain

‘posit under jui*; droplets dropping from leaves.

The unspokens, autumnal yellow, drenching

Not by tears but in that deposited water.

The sparrow flies away chirping away–

Prince is happy; roaming in the pages of books & diaries.

Princess is also (as seasonal winds convey)

Now a Queen of a King; living in a palace vast…

*Jui: Jasmine Flowers

Illustration from Arabian Nights by Edmund Dulac.


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