A Rumination on the Existence

S’times I think how death looks like…

Does it look like a grey Autumn morn or

A sunblazed yellow Summer afternoon…

We all are busy designing mask for it

But, aren’t we the mask?

Lifeless structure infused with power,–

Drawing energy from flow of time…

Almighty… Allah…Bhagwan…Guru…

We name the mask of our survival

But, are we not masking the truth–

We’re mask masking the mask of existence…



20 responses to “A Rumination on the Existence”

  1. Brilliant Sangbad! Yes we are the mask…death is eternal truth! You are raising high n high in wisdom, depth and Words!


    1. Maybe…life these days leading me to this realization and all often…

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  2. We are a kind of mask of reality even before we intentionally put another one on.


    1. Yes… I also think so… thanks for sharing your thought…


  3. “Aren’t we the mask?” – I really like this thought!

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  4. Naming the mask of our survival- excellent!


    1. Thank you for stopping by…

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