A Rumination on the Existence

S’times I think how death looks like…

Does it look like a grey Autumn morn or

A sunblazed yellow Summer afternoon…

We all are busy designing mask for it

But, aren’t we the mask?

Lifeless structure infused with power,–

Drawing energy from flow of time…

Almighty… Allah…Bhagwan…Guru…

We name the mask of our survival

But, are we not masking the truth–

We’re mask masking the mask of existence…


20 responses to “A Rumination on the Existence”

  1. What a brilliant poem. Loved the last line


    1. Thank you…the poem just happened

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  2. Deep and powerful words penned. For sure the mask has to be removed in order to know who you really r.


    1. Yup I also think so…


  3. and we have so many masks we keep on interchanging to suit the siruation and people we want to please. these are powerful insights Sangbad.


    1. These days everyone saying this… maybe I’ve changed


      1. change is sometimes good. we learn when we can accept and see the change in our minds and actions. I wish you well my dear friend. anytime you need to chat message me on insta I will be there for you.

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  4. Indeed we move around like a coffin. Idea is to get rid of the mask.


    1. Yup… thanks for sharing your thoughts


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