Based on the legend of Queen Maya, mother of Lord Buddha, and her dream.

It was full moon over Kapilvastu that night

When the Queen dreamt of the birth.

Moon is full high on the sky

Whitening a snowy mountain ranges.

Water of the lake trembling

In the mountain breeze.

She looked around to be amazed

To get bewildered by beauty there.

She was feeling light, calm & free

As the Four carried her.

She was bathe in a lake;

She was dressed heavenly.

Silencing all, surprising her arrived–

A white elephant; a white lotus–

It carries in its trunk.

It look at her; she saw it smile.

It round her three times

‘fore entering her womb through right.

Queen of Kapilvastu woke up, at this moment,

In ecstasy ’cause his son is coming.




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