Inside the Eleven


Back in 2016, I had registered to WordPress to write a blog. But, like my other forgotten blog accounts this I had abandoned after writing an essay and keeping it aside not posting ’til a few weeks later. My first post here was on 27th. I’ll share that poem on that day again, so let it be a mystery.


This 11th month of the year is boasted of few of the personal fond memories. If I sit down and look back they didn’t cluster each other though.

Back in 2013, I had joined my first office. My first job after I completed my Masters in July. Now, it’s four years. The job has changed as well as the company. I’ve been with my current company for 3.6 years. When I joined my first job, I knew I’ll not be able to cope up with it. And that was true. When I joined my current company I was not sure how long I’m going to be here because I was not able to get into the process or the project. And now I’m one of the few who knows the procedure so well and so in-detail.

This year at the end of the month I’m going to join a new company. This was due to the procedure call rebatch. The company I’m going to join is a dream come true ’cause for long I’ve dreamt of joining the company. So, November is a month of embarkment for me.

J, my more than a friend and more than a sister, anniversary is also in this month. Back in 2015, she had got married and now live in Delhi. Her anniversary date is a sort of happy as well as a sad one. The date is 27th and the next day is the birthday of Rupai.

When she had heard the date she was very much happy. When I asked her why (yes, I’ve got this habit of asking people anyone close to why they are happy or sad), she teased me by saying man forget his wife’s birthday and her’ll be exception ’cause I’ll not dare to forget the anniversary so both the date are interconnected. 

This year the marriage will be of two years and she’ll be twenty-five.

A few days back, I was conversing with J when she says that she knows I’m sad, depressed because November has set in. I lie and got arrested by her; but, I keep on saying lie and she says never lie to self.

The November also contains the date of one of my girl-friend whom I had proposed long ago and she neither accepted my proposal nor rejected it. And we’re still friends–for last 10 years. This year I started my year by spending some time with her. She had been a verse in my poem 29 [verse 8, if you want to know].

We don’t call each other frequently nor we meet each other frequently–once in a year or twice. But, the matter of surprise is she never missed to call me on my birthday. Even when Rupai was there I had waited for her call and she had called. This girl was the first with whom I share my scare of losing Rupai back in March 2016 not knowing next month that fear will become a reality from a probability.

Sometimes, I had ruminated, I had shifted into the brown thought of asking her again. No, not to fall in love immediately but to have a companion; a companion who knows me well, to whom I don’t need to present an introduction or have to act for presenting self. Then I back off in scare of losing a friend.

As it goes with the saying, creative persons, especially authors and poets, have the ability of premonition of their death. I also have one and that is to die in the autumn of November. Many times my poems had mentioned this, like verse 27 and 28 from my birthday poem 29, Avenir and few more.

So,  till that November comes I’m here to present you, poems and stories. And as I said in 29, don’t follow me or cry. Let me quote myself here to keep it simple and non-repetitive.


That day, my friend, do not follow me. Do not crowd behind my hearse. Because I

Do not want the street to feel left out. Instead, celebrate my farewell not my life.

29 [Verse 28, Posted 20th April 2017]


P.S. Two of my favorite songs, all-time, in English also involved November. One is November Rain by Guns N’ Roses and another is a song from the movie Sweet November (2001) It’s Not Goodbye by Laura Pausini.

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Image procured from 121 Cicks by Ranita Roy

20 responses to “Inside the Eleven”

  1. I will never want to see that November which is mentioned here…


  2. Hope you make some more beautiful memories this November 😄✌️


    1. H’m…I also hope so…

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