Ghost of My Father

Don’t read only or like please comment on this poem of mine a take on daily life.

November month it is; no shaving month.

The noble cause has hidden long ago beyond gimmick.

I remain clean shaven; no moustache no beard,

But, this year I thought to be unshaven.

Yes, I grown a beard, but, being clean shaved guy

It was not an easy task.

After a lot of restraint I kept it and shaven it to-night

Leaving behind a moustache (something I keep often).

The issue was of the beard it doesn’t let me look at mirror

Gifting me a new mashed hair style and the itchiness.

My cheeks now smell of shaving cream;

(I don’t use aftershave ladies.)

The moustache that I have now will be for few weeks

Because looking at mirror I see ghost of my father.

From his old picture I can see I’m just him with this moustache.


21 responses to “Ghost of My Father”

    1. Thanks for stopping by…

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  1. Beautiful poem.We all seek resemblance to our creators in one or the other way.

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    1. Yeah I also think so…thanks for stopping by and sharing your thought…


  2. The person who knows you can understand this poem even better…this is one of the Awesome one! Description of hidden and revealed feelings and all that left unsaid…


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