The Morning That Was Serene & Melancholy

On 27th November 2016, I had posted my first poem here ( the second one was written). On the anniversary evening, re-posting it for my existing as well as new followers. 

It was a beautiful journey I will say. Thanks to all especially Meenakshidi (Sethi)Sushmitadi (Mukherjee) [who is missing for last few months], and also to Gina aka Singledust for being by the side of my blog from its early day.


The morning is here…

Is it?

The gloomy sky, the shroud of smog…–

All is gray, all is cold…

Are you sure of it?

Yes, my friend…said the guest as he sipped on–

His cup of morning tea.

I haven’t looked at the sky for days,

The Death is not coming to me, my friend,–

Fast; it’s dragging…it’s dragging… The poet is lost for words.

The guest smiled and said, do you want it fast and quick?

The pale poet nodded his head and collected his breaths-

Even a small movement making him tired and drained out.

The guest smiled and passed him the vial, —

Bye, my friend, hope you have a safe journey…

The guest left the poet; the poet sighed.

He looked at the mirror, adjacent to his bed–

And saw the guest looking at him–

They smiled at each other…

With a trembling hand, the vial went up to the mouth..–

Few drops slipped out of the edge of his lips-chafed and dry…

The November morning out there, outside the room,

Was gaining a serene turquoise color…



From Poet’s Desk:

My first post here in WordPress (28/11/2016). Reposting this in response to Tuesday Photo Challenge–Mirror by Dutch Goes The Photo!

18 responses to “The Morning That Was Serene & Melancholy”

  1. Once again would love to appreciate your journey here…see how strong and consistent you are. Once again proud of you. Keep going n going my bro👍


  2. Reading it for the first time. Awesome!


    1. 🙂eta prothome keui poreni ’til ekta promptr janya submit koreni…

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I loved the content anf the style.
    This was fab!

    Liked by 1 person

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