Echo of What’s

(What’s there)

‘ween existence & existence of existence;

Time imitating time to create a new time

Or day rotating to conceive to-day, tomorrow, yester-day.

(What’s there)

‘ween this moment, and next moment phoenexed from it

Creation of creation of illusion or our wish visualized

Or cycle of cycle of all surroundings & happenings around us…

Age [mere coincidence, my poem goes with the day’s prompt]

8 responses to “Echo of What’s”

  1. interesting concept and using words to contemplate time like in an hour glass.


    1. Wow…never thought like this… it’s a huge compliment…

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  2. I loved the play of words in this one!


    1. After a while…🙂


      1. Ya, I was keeping really busy, so I didn’t drop comments, I did read though! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Okzz…by the way changed you picture good…


          1. Haan, it was a while since I had changed 🙂

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