Chime of Psithuarism

Looking at me, you smiled;

The December wind rustled

The quietitude of the twelve am.

The psithuarism of my destruction

Chimed in the mess we had created.




3 responses to “Chime of Psithuarism”

  1. your last line delivers a strong message Sangbad. Chimes give meaning to the hour before our eyes can see it, sound represents the most delicate of our senses, one we cannot stop like closing our eyes. This mess it seems has much significance.

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    1. Your comment always let me rethink my own writing… regarding mess it really has many more significance…you can consider it life after love is over or love after it’s over and many more things…

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      1. that’s va lovely surprise for me Sangbad that it got you rethinking! its some deep thoughts on mess. I think I’d like love after its over. loving someone never takes anything away from us but makes our soul stronger


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