One New Year…

One New Year…

One New Year you had promised we’ll together.

You had made the forever believable and not just a fairytale drawing line.

One New Year you had kissed me with promises.

Promises are not fake and they are not meant to be broken, you made me believe.

One New Year everything was fine and serene.

We two were exploring each other’s thoughts and the months that have gone by. 

One New Year…

We are (slash were) strangers again like the other New Year (asterisk except one).




7 responses to “One New Year…”

  1. This strange melancholy is always there in your poems…this one, I’m sure will resonate with many👌🏻


  2. i feel your longing and of promises whispered, i always say no promises, i can’t bear the heartbreak. you write with much passion and intensity, i hope one day it will be appreciated with the same passion by a beautiful soul as yours. be blessed my beautiful Poet Man.


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