Waiting for Spring

How long it’s been

I have remembered

You or us.

Thoughts these days

Are dried up like

The leaves of scattered

Urban greenbay trees.

Waiting for the spring

The warmth, the song

Of cuckoos,

Few that are left nowadays.


5th January 2018

12 responses to “Waiting for Spring”

  1. May this spring come soon! Where cuckoo’s music and beauty of outside merge with inside bringing flowery smiles on writer’s face.


  2. Push yourself a bit and keep writing…I do that and that works😊 liked the poem by the way👌🏻


  3. Sounding low..all good?


    1. As Gina said lots of things are going inside mind…so am just feeling struck…

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      1. Happens at times..hold on and let it pass


        1. Yeah…I’m also in hope of that…and waiting for the phase to be pass away

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  4. it seems you are feeling a lot of nostalgia, just like me, i think of the good memories, of the love once shared, i don’t’ ever want to write about the heartbreak, i just want to keep thinking of the good, your poem makes me want to fall in love again Sangbad.

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    1. Sometimes this type of things happens…you know that very well than me… regarding love fall in again… there’s no age bar in that…

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      1. yes there’s no age bar just a lot of self imposed restrictions I suppose, especially as we get older and wiser huh?! I hope for love to touch you deeply this year my Romantic Poet Man.


        1. Oh Gina thanks for this hope… expect that love will bloom again in my life not later but sooner…

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