To You, To Neverland

The whisper the wind that left behind

Will take me where?

The tired calmness of end January cold

Bringing out the path that’s hazy now.

Breeze not the loneliness making up environ

Of solitary imposed, convicted loneliness.

It’s now hard to remember her face as I was thinking

But, no, the coffer is open and the wind sailing me

To the neverland–once true now seems to be–

Just some random dreams or memories crumpled.





9 responses to “To You, To Neverland”

  1. WOW!!!


  2. your poetry never losses its depth or sincerity. I find you floating in this one Saangbad, looking for something to hold on to. Memories play tricks with us don’t they? i love the words memories crumpled, like an afterthought not even fit for the ink it’s written with. very touching words.


  3. Beautiful as always!! Have really put forward the emotions wonderfully


  4. This is beautiful, Sangbad! I am reading you after a long time and it’s such a pleasure. 🤗


    1. Yeah…these days writing less…if you want to know the reason let me know…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Sure, if you are okay with sharing.


  5. Plath is my one of the fav.
    I am in love her actually.


    1. Mine too…so what about the poem


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