Where Are We Heading To?


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Tomorrow we’re going to celebrate the 69th Republic Day. To some, it’s a holiday, and this year it’s an extended weekend, and to some, it’s the day of revoking the pledge of being the republic. For the latter category, though, these days you can find lots of not-interested in the basic pledge.

Now, what does this word Republic means?

Republic means a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.

Yeah, we’re not under the monarch and we elect our representatives. But, really we do that or it has turned into an illusion. Not today, but, from the time before our birth and time we can’t remember, the power has been misused always.

I’m, but, not here to speak on this Republic today or anything related to it; I’m here to speak on the current issue that just creating tremors for the last one year. And that it’s the recent movie Padmaavat (rechristened of the erstwhile name of the movie Padmavati).


This morning newspaper carries the news of the vandalism–fresh and repainted. The army is so ruthless and so blind like the racehorses with blinkers, that they never stopped or nothing halted them to terrorize the school kids. And this all for what, Rani Padmavati is their mother and Sanjay Leela Bhansali has insulted her.

But, how he does that? By showing some fantasize scene of Alauddin Khilji with the Queen. And they, later, added history has been distorted and Rajput has been shown in the worst bad light.

From the beginning, Bhansali has, have and had said there’s no such scene and he’ll never go out of the context. He’s depicting the epic poem that was written back in 1540 by Sufi poet Malik Muhammad Jayasi.

The head of the army also demanded in the song Ghoomar, the waist of Rani Padmavati was shown. What the hell is he saying? On one hand, you are saying she is your mother and at the same time you’re searching out where the oomph factor is.


When the second song released, I thought they’ll now say the Maharaja and Maharani have been romancing in the wrong way or they can’t romance. Though, they have not and that’s why after a time we get a beautiful romantic song as track and also as a video.


After this head comes to the censor board. They asked Bhansali to tone down the jauhar scene because it shall be not be glorified. This jauhar part is very much important for the movie and also form the crux of all peril in the poem. So next time if we want to depict something with the precision we need to tone it down?

Join it with the name. The name Padmavati is very much insulting and rechristening can calm the soldiers. Not long ago, a few years back there was a movie released named Billu. It was formerly known as Billu Barber. That time also the rechristened was done at the last moment because to honor that specific occupation and people related to it.

But, thus, all these actions slow them down or tame the unruly beasts. No. Never. And will not. The morning newspapers carry this message. The surprising fact is that those who can speak and whose words can affect a lot are silent on this matter.

A few days back I was watching Half Girlfriend (I haven’t read the book). There was a scene where Madhav Jha was interviewed at the college, and when the interviewer came to know he’s from Bihar they tease him, taunt him. Madhav (played by Arjun Kapur) replied Bihar may seem the worst state nowadays, but, we shall not forget that Nalanda, Buddha and many historical aspects are related to Bihar.

Why I recollect this scene? Because same goes for India and its epic poems and stories. There much more than Mahabharata, Ramayana and Kama Sutra. There are many more untold stories that this generation needs to know. For example Abhijnanasakuntalam, Shishupala Vadha, Arthashastra, and many more.

A few days back I read an article where the author says if Padmavaat has been made like Bahubali then there was no problem. I laughed out on reading this. My point is we don’t need Bahubali treatment to the epic. But, let them be heard, let them be told.

Even the Supreme Court also telling and warning them to not ban the movies because it’s affecting our very basic foreground of the republic, that is unity, freedom, and fearlessness; they shall follow the ordained. But, the blinkers are so tightly knitted, or in other words, have been put on them so tightly that they are showing the thumb to the judiciary system.

Today, 25th January, the movie will be released and tomorrow we’re going to celebrate our 69th year of being a Republic, but, are we really Republic or it has just become an instrument of mockery, of a bully, I ponder on the question with the quote of Shashi Tharoor (‘highly developed in an advanced state of decay’) playing in a loop.



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  1. The Magnum Opus Padmaavat completed 2 weeks at the Box office. This is itself huge news for the team, apart from its box office collection and reviews, since the movie faced controversies, protests and violent attacks from Karni Sena.


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