The night is near to middle

Tomorrow a riddle

Written by the present time

Today sings drawing rhyme.

Head on my aged pillow,

Silence mode hello.

The window of my room knocking

In the wind of the season’s first pouring.

But. hush, the Town is here

And I need to be there.

Need to fill, before ultimatum, the plane’s order;

Then some customers’ orders.

Hush, let me slip into my pleasure

Which Ma sentenced as just devil’s leisure.

Hush, I shall go now.


This is to a game I’m hooked on now, and it’s the secret pleasure I’m enjoying a lot these days. And my Ma is disturbed and angry at me for this hooked on.

National Poem Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) 2018: Day#1: Based on Secret Pleasure or Secret Shame