Mango Pickle (& a) Poem


We had a talk a few days back not long ago

From poem to summer to pickle out of mango.


Curson blinking.

(What do you have to create me, asking.)

Words, city, life, broken heart,

Thoughts, blue, issues that hurt

Night, dawn, unfulfilled aspiration

Passerby persons, good inspiration.

Summer rapidly, by episodes, rising

Mango can be added by slicing

In the mustard oil, dipping

And then, spices are mixed

And then, bask in sun for admixed.

Beware of the summer rain

Other the wise all’ll be lost, all’ll be pain

No gain–

Halt, you are messed up.

See, you’ve written up

Preparation of pickle, mangoes,

Not a poem…rain…spice…oil…mangoes…

National Poem Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) 2018: Day#3: Writing a list poem in which all the items are made-up names


11 responses to “Mango Pickle (& a) Poem”

  1. Summer rapidly, by episodes, rising – my favourite line, reminds me of the deluge of episodes on Netflix and the way summer rain can just overwhelm a person

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