Late Morning Drool

This transient period between the morning and the noon is the laziest one. The vehicles that have been honking, since morning, rather blurting out their heart screaming their mechanical nasal warning (or distress) shrilled sound, now seems to be tired. The office-goers that are going now seems to be not in hurry, but, they are going to a parade or a party. Some are though in hurry, and most of them are women; the reason is either they are mother running to do their errands like shopping most of the time before picking up their kid from their school; or they are those office goers whose official duty is a mysterious one sort of spy or like that though you know they are employed at some respectable famous office.


fast in its


The Neem tree in front of my house also seems to be drooling. In the young summer late-morn sun, its young green leaves are the most colorful in view around suppressing the dark vibrant red of krishnachura standing beside it, and few of its branches have entwined with the former. Behind them stand the mango tree. Sun is shining on the blossomed fruits; they are waltzing in the breeze slowly and suddenly not always. The much sun heat they get, the much they become sweet–my grandmother used to say. There were a couple of mango trees along with other fruits like jackfruit in her backyard; grandfather had planted them.


suddenly clouding


This period I like the most of all in a day. The silence, the soft whisper of my electric fan, and a storybook in my hand. But. there’s another thing that I like most. It’s a happening or occurrence. The late morning drowsiness. If my office is in evening through midnight, this is the time when I like to take a nap. It might be of fifteen minutes or of thirty minutes, and sometimes more than that, but, not more than sixty minutes. Like the tomcat that is now taking a nap on the building’s roof in front of my house. The house is of one-storeyed with an asbestos roof; it is shaded by the trees, I talked of earlier. The roof I can see at a downward angle from my slim verandah. The cat is taking the nap with his chin on his front paws; his other paws are elongated in the rear. His eyes are closed and the ears have fallen down–a deep slumber it is taking. The shade is cool I know because of those embracing and jumbled mess of the leaves. And a crow is looking at him, I know what it is or what it is thinking at the moment.

bright green shade cool wind

crow on guard nuisance planned walk

pulling tail fly fast

National Poem Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) 2018: Day#12: Write a Haibun

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    Haiku Happenings #8: Sangbad Mitra’s latest #haibun for #napowrimo2018!


    1. Thank you for this… it’s a pleasure to get reblogged…


      1. The pleasure is all mine, Sangbad! 🙂


        1. I couldn’t follow you… it’s showing unable to do so…


          1. You may have to go to the main blog page. Or WordPress is hiccuping again. Thank you for your intention to follow! Hopefully you’ll connect, soon! 🙂


            1. Okay…I’m an admirer of Haiku…

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  2. You are getting better with each day!!
    The writer’s block is fading out ☺
    Keep blogging!!


    1. If you say so…then it is…and let me rephrase you keep writing…

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      1. Yes both
        Write and share on blog too !!


  3. Three winners. Thanks.


  4. What a descriptive haibun! Well done Sang!


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