The candle will get burn, an event natural and conclusive one.

Everyone, almost, once in a life thinks to write the conclusion

By absconding, by leaving, by just ending the life abruptly

Few can, few can’t. But, what holds the few you may ask.

It’s not the bygone or the holdbacks of the up to the life.

It’s actually…a pole…it may be love in any form,

It may be a support…it may be a just a reason…

It may be the call that we few want to hear

Are you in the home…


National Poem Writing Month (NaPoWriMo) 2018: Day#13: Write a poem in which the words or meaning of a familiar phrase get up-ended.

My selected idiom phrase “Elvis has left the building”


7 responses to “Knock”

  1. Doobte KO tinke Ka sahara HOTA hai. When we are lost, a single ray of hope can keep us afloat. Truthful poem. Wishing when everyone faces a dilemma to be or not to be, they end up choosing to stay 💫💫💫


    1. Yeah…I also wish so…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. 😊A nice kind of Mr. Hyde


    1. Really…thank you…


  3. Wonderful Sangbad …”what holds one back…is a pole…love in any form…a call from home.” These lines are so, so meaningful. So deep.Something so simple as a call could save a life. Very nice.


    1. Yeah… sometimes rumination on life brings out another me…like Mr Hyde🙂

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