National Poem Writing Month 2018 #15: Writing a poem in which a villain faces an unfortunate situation, and is revealed to be human (but still evil).

I’ve treated Ravaan as an evil human being.


“Behold Ravaan King o’ Demons.” Shouted old Jatayu.

Ravaan looks in front of him a mountain coming up in form of a vulture giant.

“Who are you, old hag.”

He asked. His voice is disturbed. No one dares to stop him.

“Behold, I say again. Being a King what are you doing? Kidnapping Jagatjanani.

The dead now loom on you Rakhashraj, leave her and go back to your lair.”

Jatayu said flying to the side to look at Sita.

Sita was still crying then. Shouting names of Rama, of Lakshman. Shouting for help.

She saw at Jatayu and screamed looking at the king of the vulture thinking he was

Pet of the King her kidnapper and then she recognizes him. It’s Jatayu, their guardian,

A friend of his father-in-law. Once he had saved him in the battle with Samparasura.

“Help me. He is taking me away from my Lord Ram. Free me.” She wails.

“Do not worry, my young Queen. I am here to serve you. He is not going to take you ’til”

His words remain incomplete. Ravan hit him with an arrow on his right wing.

He shouts and charges at Ravan.

“Lankapati, you want to fight. Then come fight with me.

But, I’m not going to let you take Janakanandini.”

And thus old King of Vulture clutched the Pushpaka Vimana tilting it at one side.

Ravaan falls back. His bow falls from his hand. He looked at Sita.

She was at the end. A little more she would fall to the ground failing all his attempts.

Jatayu put his beak on the roof, and strike it repeatedly breaking in the roof.

Ravaan holds the corner of the sharee of Sita in his clasp and embrace her with one hand

And with another hand, he took up his Chandrahas.

“No one dares to stop me. You hold hag. Now you will die.

It is you not me, death loom on you.”

He strikes at his beak with force. Jatayu screamed with pain. He leaves the chariot.

The chariot jolts and becomes straight.

The yelp of Jatayu suppressed by the cachinnation of Raavan who stomped his foot

In the ecstasy of victory and looking at Sita hissed

“No one has born yet to stop me. I am Ravana, Lord Shiva is with me. Even your”

He was halted by a shadow as Jatayu arrives behind him. Blood is pouring from his beak.

He was flying on one wing. Ravan gave a loud roar like that of a thunderclap

And hurled his Chandrahash on the injured wing.

Jatayu clutched his hand with his claws, and dug it deep into his hand and said

“Iraavanan what happens to your principle. Boasting with pride has made you blind.

Leave Siya and save yourself. Even Lord Shiva will not forgive you, your this vile action.”

His voice was weak but still heavy carrying the majestic tone of a king.

Ravaan howl. His sword shines like a flash and strike on one of his paws flying him away.

Said he “you old King who are you to justify me. A petty demi-god you are.”

Sita begged “Leave him. He will die. Take me and leave me because if not today you die

You will die soon than later. My Lord will avenge this. Leave Jatayu Rakhasraj.”

“Really, your Lord will kill me. I hope so.# But, today I am not going to”

Jatayu hurled again

Now at his chest with his one mighty paw pushing Raavan to the floor of his chariot.

“I asked you one last time to leave her and order you to return to your lair Ravaan.”

Ravaan jumped up in a blink and hit Jatayu on his unhurt wing with a shout of war.

The wing got ripped. Jatayu yelp. The shout shakes the ones who heard it. Even Ravaan.

When he was falling he heard the bray of Ravaan. He could hear the wail of Queen Sita.

Ravaan with chuckle looked at Sita and said “See. You see. What happens to him?

This will happen with your Lord Ram also.”

The sun started setting as he redirects his chariot to the south to his Lanka

Not noticing Sita was looking down

Not for Jatayu but the ornaments, she threw as the crumb of rice for his Lord to follow.


#”Really, your Lord will kill me. I hope so.”

According to a popular belief, Ravaan knew he will die at the hand of a reincarnation of Vishnu which will grant him the moksha for his misdeeds and all. Even kidnapping Sita is believed to part of a sort of plan for this atonement of him.

Ravaan: The name Ravaan is the Sanskritization of Dravidian name Iraivan. The meaning of name Iraivan in Tamil or any Dravid language is the king or lord.

Ravana: According to a popular Hindu legend, Ravana, once tried to lift Mount Kailash, where Lord Shiva resides. But he failed, when Shiva toed Mount Kailash and unknowingly crushed Ravana’s hand, which were still under the Mount Kailash. It made Ravana yelp causing an earthquake. Lord Shiva lifted his toe, only when Ravana sang one of his famous creation, Ravana Shiva Stotram, and gave him the name Ravana, one who can shake the earth with his cry.

Iraavanan: Iraavanan is another name used for Ravana and popularized by the Tamil literature. It is made up of two Tamil words, Ira and Avanan, which simply translates as a boy with incomparable beauty or a man with strong principles.

Janakanandini: Janaknandani means daughter of Janak. But in a deeper context, nandani means one who is joyful or bring joy to someone. As she brought the happiness in the world of childless Janak, she is Janaknandani.

Siya: Siya is simply a variation of the name Sita. It is widely popular in local Hindi dialects like Awadhi, Maithili, and Braj.

Chandrahash: Sword of Ravaan.

Information gathered from different sites.


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5 responses to “Jatayu”

  1. It was a wonderful read but reminded me of the fact that despite celebrating Diwali each year, the Victory of good over evil, there still are so many people worse than Ravan, who don’t think before raping and killing a kid. And for one Janaknandini there were many to fight for her honour but these young India’s daughters are not avenged always which gives these monsters the confidence to commit such heinous crimes. Ravan the Rakshasraj was much better than these monsters in the way that he kidnapped Sits but didn’t rob her of her honour despite the power he had. These young kids deserve a happy life too not coverage on news alone before something else happens which needs coverage too.


    1. I know Cherry…it shaken me so much that I cannot write anything on this…my last few days poems are thus dull one because I want to write something but I cannot…for that day prompt I thought to write on Kumbhakarna but I write on Jatayu…it might be the reflection of my thoughts, of my turmoiled inner self…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s okay. Take it easy. Write what comes to you 😊


        1. Thanks Cherry for the understanding

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Always 😊


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