Man & God

National Poem Writing Month Day#20: Write a poem taking its cue from Notley’s rebelliousness, and asks you to write a poem that involves rebellion in some way. 


You call yourself a man?


Because, you’re alpha by tradition from the time we know of, we can only imagine of

In the books of research call history and all, in the films call historical film (sometimes–

prefixed with the word epic).


You call yourself a man?

How did you then trample the little flower of the Valley or many others like her

around everywhere, at the every darkest corner one can think of.

How did you then let your bullets flew away to silence the wail of so many

So that they can wash up on some shore or so that they can be found in the rubble

Of bodies; vultures have a great feast as the other scavengers also have a fair share.


How did you then let them have the childhood they don’t want, any one wants

Tightening the noose, injecting in them the venoms of yours of power or is it–

man-hood or is it your way of showing (maybe expressing) your joy, your ecstasy.


Hey you, you call yourself God?

The only truth that many of us believe.

How did you watch her getting shoved into the cold stone of the temple of yours.

How did you watch all that by sitting becalmed, and maintaining the silence all along

Because, elders say the scripture say the chasm say you’ll rise when one needed you

So why shall I call you God, why shall I bow before you–give me a reason.


You call yourself a God


Then how did they blow you up…were not they scared of you or is it you who like–

Ravaan waiting for the moksha; waiting for his Rama–a respectable figure

who disavow his wife in the pure suspicion of her being disloyal to him.

Like many others, I want to ask where were or are you when they crash those planes

Filling up the world with more shattered promises, with more sadness.

The hymn, the chasm sings the praise of yours. All of them say you save the sufferer,

You wash away all the woe and blues of ones. But, are you really there or here?


I am just the clap before the thunder

I am just a fuse waiting for the flash

But, shall I call my self a man boasting with pride and all that all say to define–

a man…

On my birthday I got the words for my thoughts that were turmoiling inside me to come out.



9 responses to “Man & God”

  1. Happy birthday 🙂 I imagine getting these words out was a gift. Both to be free of them brewing inside you, and to watch the result. It’s powerful from the first sentence!


    1. Thank you…yeah these are my turmoiled thoughts…and I felt free after writing this


  2. Excellent writing! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!


    1. Thanks for the wish…

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Woww
    This is brilliant Sangbad.
    Straight from the heart. Loved it!!
    Happy birthday !!
    You are getting in a good form.


    1. Maybe I will not deny…or doubt…at last I have been able to write my thoughts… thanks for the wish

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yayy
        You are welcome

        Liked by 1 person

  4. First of all, a very Happy Birthday Sang! God bless you with all the good things in life!
    And now for the poem. What a powerful poetry. This is what I call the poetry that makes impact. Amazingly wonderful indeed. Have a great day!


    1. Thanks Vandana for the wish…re: poem I enjoy most today prompt…it just let me be me…

      Liked by 1 person

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