Twenty Five Years: An Elegy for My Father

National Poem Writing Month 2018 Day#24: Write an elegy that has a hopefulness to it. 

I have possessed you through some damaged black & white yellowish photos from

your wedding.

I have known you through lore & legends told by elders and others; your acquaintances

are all over popping up then & now.

I heard you have desired me to be a boy when mother become pregnant ’cause you knew

few years are left of your life.

I feel you when I look at the crumbling color of the photograph of mine as a toddler you

have taken; once someone said

I loved to get clicked by you as you like to click me; that’s why my last picture by you is

a treasure map to me

No, not the treasure map, but, a path that I will traverse years after from them taking

a look back to the hazed time.

I don’t remember you, I don’t know you, I don’t think you are real at times when I

saw other talking about their own’s.

This pushes me farther to take a deep delve into you, your lore, your legends; when I am

lost in the alleys of life

It is you who whisper in my ears, though, I doubt it is my self-made voice; Didi or

someone I can’t recollect now

Once says I got the voice of yours, I got the presence of yours. I sometimes look like you

in your’s age of mine.

When the days are long & somber, I feel this adamant me rising inside me with rage

against you

But this helps me to rise & stand tall against all odds ’cause as I know or have learned

this is what you should have wanted.

On 24th April 2018, my books 29: A Collection of Poems and In a Flash… are on sale for free on Amazon.

The featured image is the last picture he had taken of me.



19 responses to “Twenty Five Years: An Elegy for My Father”

  1. A great tribute to your father. No one can substitute parents, indeed!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sangbad this is such a beautiful piece. I fall short of words. Its brings out every emotion. Thank you for sharing. Your dad would be proud.


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