National Poem Writing Month 2018 Day#28: Today,

to draft a prose poem in the form/style of a postcard following the suggestion of the craft resource an essay on prose poem.

Based on a true incident…

[When a little boy, age five or so, writes a letter to his recently deceased father]

You have lying in the bed for last few months now you are gone. Ma told you gone for a time to a far land Didi said you have taken a h-e-l-i-c-o-p-t-e-r spelling right ride you will be back in a few days. Big ones though hiding something taking much care of me. Please be back soon the drawings are unfinished. Paper I am writing now with sketchpens you gift on my birth day is teared from the drawing copy you gift last month on my birth day size in postcard one taken from your drawer cut by Didi. come back soon on the h-e-l-i-c-o-p-t-e-r Ma crying a lot Didi taking care more lot but I need you I will stopped the paper is over. When you back I learn to write in small like Didi like you. didi saying stories to me everyone is hiding something return back quickly I want know the secrets bigs hiding from me. Didi speaking there is a man a pilot with you tell him you have come back soon i miss you Baba paper ending many to say retu

[Errors related to spelling, grammatical and punctuational are intentional]