A Cameo Name Ego

Ten years. A decade.

A long time again a time passed in a snap just.

Today my Didi celebrating her 10th Anniversary–a day of happiness, a day to cherish for. A day made me think haven’t we lost touch with the reality; offering ourselves to that small cameo in the chamber inside all of us, call Ego.

A time was that when people used to fall in love and were ready to go not an but a lot of extra miles to pursuit the love.  Yes, that time these breakups were there, there was social pressure, there was keep your father mother happy things. But, these days, nowadays, these aspects are taking a back and individual emerging up.

By the word “individual” I mean to say our gaining strength ego, our thoughts process that is shrouded by wants to get the materialistic things earth can offer and above all it is us, it is you, it is me.

Love is still there but when our ego gets hurts we just curse the love and reject it, throw it away like an old ‘zine. We act like that religious person who is enraged after his religious thought or deity being defouled. We just let our thoughts take the back seat while giving the ego a position beside the driver (read us). We make remembrance of the time we spent with the loved one, but, never ever accept the fact we are getting hurt.

To me love though means not me not you, not the adjustments; it’s the reverberance of these moments, of being believing in each other. I know few of you may comment the famous quote–trust build takes a time not breaking it. So, believing after a time becomes a rotten aspect. And that’s when this ego or whatever you want to title it creep inside us as Venom.

Am not a relationship counselor; this article is not one that you can sort of On Relationship. This is actually a thought of mine to look inside of me and also lead you to look inside you. That’s why when I say believing after a time becomes a rotten aspect of the lives of two people, I’m not going to say or consult or advice you do this and do that. Because these do this’s and do that’s are nothing but to console ourselves self-satisfaction and nothing else. So, what can be said I ask self ’cause few of those who are reading this silently asking this question come on tell us; enlighten us.

I’ll say giving a chance or sit down and let talks may work. (But) it’s us who is at fault, who is behind the bar. We need to sit down but it is with ourselves; we need to talk to ourselves rejecting to offer our soul to that fiend cameo ego.

We all have the ego; some in strong form some in the weak form. Those who deny of having ego actually not lying to the responder but he or she making tomfoolery of self.

When there’s an issue, just sit down with self and ask the question that you have set for the one you love, you’re angry or disturbed at and you’ll find the answers to

9 responses to “A Cameo Name Ego”

  1. Many congrats to your sister and this is a thought provoking article. Relationships are like paper. We have to treat them gently. The gentler and calmer we are, the better it is.

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  2. Words of truth and wisdom, Sangbad and yes we need to ask ourselves where we want to go and who do we want to forgive. Everything starts with myself. Great post.

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    1. Yes… that’s the point…talk to self before a decision

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  3. I mean what u said was correct.

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    1. Thanks for stopping by… and sharing your thoughts…

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  4. What is correct, liked the article a lot.

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  5. Beautiful and well profound words !! Congratulations to your sister

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