What have I wanted?     A little bit of love and affection     Nothing more than that.

What have I asked for?     A little bit of sunshine in the torrential monsoon shower.

I know it’s your first time as a lover     And me a phoenix trying to rise from flame–

That only your love can kindle;   Though its dance trying to extinguish as you shied away.

I am not asking for anything else     or more than anything else     I just looking for–

The light that will light the cameo of me of what I was–though it’ll be poetic much

If I say the days that have passed away never return, though it’s true.

I am looking for the wind like the kites to rise high    to fly amongst the clouds

(Black and dark and of varied size in this monsoon morning).

I am just calling to say I am falling for you by the days passing away even if you’re not.

I am just calling to hear you breathe as you listen to me and I beg for your speeches.

Silence all I always begged for     Like a hungry beggar    Looking out for alms to meal on

Silence all I always looked for      Like the mid of night    Holds in its bosom, deep down.

But, silence from you is not what I want now     What’ve I wanted?    What’ve I asked for?