The Night We Waltz

Shadow tales       broken clouds       light of the stars–dead and alive.

Poem for the day does not come to me ’cause night holds this magic

Hymned with your voices and longing for you.

To-night I want to dance with you under the stars hazed in this city-sky

The Song will be the silence of this night and your breath as you lay your head

On my chest    (the time) we embrace and waltz.

To-night I want to kiss your lips

The lips that are like a Saturday night

The lips that are like a monsoon morning      serene and smeared with wet hues.

I want to be free like this night breeze

I want to have the moksha being in love with you.

Shadow tales      broken heart      beat in the unchained melody of the sultry long.


2 responses to “The Night We Waltz”

  1. The ominous euphony that your word carries is bewildering.


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