Chitrangada: An Eulogy

To Rituparno Ghosh (31st August 1963–30th May 2013)

The rainbow that was obscured hazed can be seen as high and bright.

The words that were condemned that were bricked and strangled–

Are now free; flying high on the gray sky; the sun will be there–

Soon not later.

How are you? Are you seeing this?

You’ve spoken of this choice. You’ve traverse down the road–

Not raising your voice but speaking on them, for them.

Some-where some-place today you will be remembered, you will be spoken of.

How are you? Are you seeing this?

5 responses to “Chitrangada: An Eulogy”

  1. A much splendiferous eulogy to one of the brightest star of the Bengali cinema.well done!!


    1. Don’t forget he was also a Icon to voice on the homosexuality fearlessly…


  2. Some place, not somewhere but everywhere you too will be spoken of and remember for writing fine poetry like this. 🙂

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  3. Finally, a rainbow stretching all the way across this blessed land! A long time in coming, but it sure has lifted the grey clouds!


    1. Yeah… let’s hope sun now shine bright

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