There shall be something, right… There need to be something, right… But, where is or does this “something” lies or can be found…

The reply will be just silence–a pregnant pause one, that makes us step back, and delve into the brown thoughts…

Silence actually is what…you, me sitting face to face and opting the “silent” or is it just neglecting each others’ presence or just putting up this boundary that’s formed of misunderstandings borne by ego or just ego, our beloved truly pampered another me…

Me…two things in one…two words to denote “I”, the one thing…this “me” is also a comedy…here comedy doesn’t mean laugh out of loud or laughing at other’s jokes and all…but it means the act that we all deny…that we say most of the time (many a time) do not exist…

Existence comes from the word “exist”…if exist is a noun meaning the very presence then existence is a verb meaning act of being exist…something I think lies here…in this very act of very existence…



Be free to express your thoughts or comments…


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  1. Gina says:

    existentialism is a deep and complex subject, we need to explore more about our purpose I do agree


    1. Sangbad says:

      Yeah…this may be a series…where I will speak nothing definitive just some thoughts…ruminating and passing by ones…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Gina says:

        thoughts come in fragments , it is good to ruminate over them and seek a deeper meaning when we can


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