Desolation of a Soul

A Halloween Special Story…

He tried to enter the house, but, he couldn’t. He needs something to get-in in the house. Last time he had chosen the picture of the smiling lady beside the hanging mirror, but he got caught as the woman whom he admired a lot seems to own the power to see them. She not only threw him away but cleansed the whole house. From then he is a vagrant soul. He looked at the new family through the window, and that time he saw it. A bear–Teddy and toy kept on the parapet. He moved and inserts himself inside it.

Inspired by the Picture shared by Bikurgurl for her 100 Word Wednesday Week#94


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In a Flash Cover 2

15 responses to “Desolation of a Soul”

    1. Ayushman bhabo…I’ll be a Casper…a teeth out smiley…

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  1. sangbad,your writing is magnificent to the core..the more I read it,the admiration for your writing increases.

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    1. 😊 it’s my pleasure to make you feel that


  2. brilliant Sangbad, a way to get inside the home, to possess another lifeless entity and make it home, hope someone brings teddy in tonight or maybe not?! you are so good at these short stories

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    1. Thanks Gina…it just came out… maybe Annabelle was an inspiration

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      1. maybe, but this was quite original

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